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Warning, Your Website Can Be Banned by Google!

Posted on February 4, 2024 by Rudy Bowne

Did you understand, that Google can ban your site, because you take action which call illegal by google. Whenever your website banned by google, your site will be no more exist in Google database and can not come in search result. So if your site has been banned by google, your site already right out of the most popular internet search engine. To know your site has been banned by Google or not, install Google toolbar.

To stop your website banned by google, you mustn't do that:

Hidden Text.

Hidden Text is merely text that users can't see if they visit your webpage. Some webmasters can do this in order to add keywords throughout their webpage without it interferring using what the visitors actually see. Yet, the various search engines can still see hidden text. For instance, let's say you've got a black background on your own website. In the event that you wished to hide text, you'll simply make the colour of one's text black and users couldn't view it.

Alt image tag spamming

This is another way that folks will attempt to cram keywords to their website, allowing se's to see their keywords, however, not allowing people to notice any difference within their website. For instance you utilize "free website hosting, free hosting, website hosting, free host, hosting free, free, free, free" in your alt img. The true reason for an alt image tag is in case a user visits your site and the graphic won't load, or is disabled by their browser, text can look rather than the graphic. This is useful for blind people. Alt image spamming is something you need to stay away from. Using alt image tags are good, nevertheless, you can overdo it as you can plainly see above. An excellent alt image tag in cases like this would simply be: "free website hosting".

Meta Tag Stuffing

What I'm discussing here's when people throw in a large number of exactly the same exact keyword to their metatags. For instance, the next website is wanting to rank well for "free". . That is obviously ridiculous. Google doesn't use Meta Tags when ranking websites. Google WILL penalize it, nonetheless it WILL NOT assist you to... so, why would anyone take action like this? Avoid it.

Title Tag Stuffing

The title is what appears in the very best left hand corner of one's webpage.That is exemplory case of Title Tag Stuffing: free, free, free for several, FREE, FREe. Don't take action... You only have to include your keyword(s) onetime in your title tag. Anymore than 1 time is only going to dilute the result, and when you overdo it as shown above, you can find banned. Those are simply some of the things that folks are continuing to accomplish online. These exact things WILL eventually get your site banned and can NOT assist you to rank well. It's only a waste of commitment, plus just plain ignorant to waste your time and effort on a thing that doesn't work and can get your site banned from the various search engines.