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The Wait for Google

Posted on March 22, 2023 by Rudy Bowne

Google updates aren't always fun. Particularly if they're not happening often enough. Since ever Google became a publicly traded company their update processes appear to become less frequent. In the first days updates appear to happen a lot more often and webmasters could actually respond regularly. But as always - the frequent updates attracted the dark side of the web also it took benefit of it to beat legitimate competition. Competition is definitely hard nonetheless it becomes cumbersome to cope with it if your competition isn't playing fair or follows the guidelines. So, Google responded by making updates less frequent to create it harder for the criminals to see instant results of seo work. By making the updates less frequent and by keeping update procedures more secret the criminals didn't have a straightforward life because they used to possess.

But - these changes also affected the nice webmasters because they paid the purchase price for a little band of greedy webmasters which could not behave. So, now many people are always looking forward to a significant Google update to see if the effort on web sites will probably pay back. And the wait could be frustrating. It really is especially frustrating for the tiny guys that now need a lot more time to work out how to receive greater results browsing engines. As a results - several Internet communities (forums) see an elevated degree of inquiries about Google updates once 25 %.

But does it certainly matter to hold back for a significant Google update? No, definitely not. Pr and listing in the SERPS often changes on an everyday or weekly basis. The smart webmaster should follow their own strategy of seo work. Building backlinks to your websites, internet search engine friendly URLs, unique content and overall simple usability of an internet site ought to be done on a normal base and the outcomes of this effort should arrive in better search engine daily or weekly. So, rather than wasting time and energy to lurk around in Internet forums to see when speculations predict another update a webmaster should spend enough time more useful and focus on his websites.