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SEO: When Being Optimized Can Hurt

Posted on August 14, 2021 by Rudy Bowne

When a genuine human being reaches your website and sees a full page created for a robot she feels a little used. Similar to being pitched to by the car or truck salesman in the polyester suit. She reads copy that, instead of telling her how she might reap the benefits of what you have to give you, repeats variations of her key phrase again and again. This tells her you do not value her, you merely want her money. She clicks away and searches even more.

This hurts you in at the very least 3 ways:

  • You lose the sale. Which means you don't make hardly any money.
  • She still visited, as did everybody else sucked in by your high placement. Based on your hosting arrangement, you will be paying for increased traffic. So you might actually lose cash.
  • Most importantly, your prospect now includes a negative impression of you. Even though you tidy up your act she's less inclined to ever select your link again. It's called negative branding and, you guessed it: It makes you lose cash.
  • It also offers the potential of hurting you a lot more later on, as internet search engine spiders are receiving smarter each day. Not merely do they eventually catch on in the event that you mindlessly repeat phrases to trick them, in addition they notice if searchers are always returning to the outcomes in a rush as you weren't what these were searching for. If this is the case, they don't continue steadily to recommend you so highly.

    It takes additional time and much more effort to build up content that's both human and spider friendly. However, not doing so can in fact can you more harm than good.